Foreo, It’s cold outside!

//Foreo, It’s cold outside!

Foreo, It’s cold outside!


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Winter temperatures versus winter skin care

As I want to try and get you all to have a better insight on some of my general routines, I also want to try and show some of my skin care routines that I think are very useful. I am writing this on a plane so it’s probably one of the most inadequate places for your skin, where the air is dry and there is no source of proper hydration for your pores, but it’s temporary so let’s not put out there too many of our first world problems!
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When it comes to skin and general body care, obviously it isn’t easy to put yourself out there and to say “this will do wonders, or this will make your skin unrecognizable” however what I reccomend, I have actually tried and I don’t belong to the category of bloggers that reccomend anything just for the sake of it. Allergies and skin sensitivities are issues to never play with so I am always careful with the suggestions I do, hence I chose Foreo, one of the best products for a few years now that is out there.

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When it comes to skin care it’s definitely a tricky one. Skin care products are meant to maintain and rejuvenate the surface of the skin, but I am pretty sure without being a skin specialist or dermatologist that skin health reflects our general health as well and what we eat shows on our skin. Being surrounded by very close family members with skin allergies related to food or cosmetic products, I can guarantee that as long as you don’t take care of what you eat, no skin care product or cream will do the work for you, and that is why skin care products are an essential part of a beauty regime but not an essential element to our general health because they are only a part of the entire process.

You will be very surprised to find out that this is the first winter I am actually enjoying. It’s too cold, too dark, the car has to be defrosted, the tube is too crowded with thick coats and people coughing. What’s to like about it? (One would say).

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It’s been 5 years now that I have not enjoyed winter time, but now I realised I want to make literally the best out of every day, season, moment and create the best content I can create, be more creative and use winter’s beauty as a stunning backdrop for my photography and style blogging. Winter has it’s magic and I hope that now the holiday has started I will be able to share more winter themed shots on my instagram.

Since winter has now become a season I’m in love with, I also started focusing more on skin care for winter. I realised it’s much more trickier and more complex than summer time when your skin just glows from the sunshine and sun lotions.
Today I won’t be able to speak for everyone’s skin type because again I am not a specialist however I can say I am very, but very much experienced in taking care of dry or mixed skin, because my skin is sometimes too dry or just mixed in general, and as a man, putting the blade on it to shave it gets even harder sometimes, because it can irritate. In the adolescence years my skin used to be oily, but slowly it started to become dry. Could be due to stress or health related issues, but it got drier. Not dry to the level of having to peel it off, but considerably drier and a city like London doesn’t make it easier as well. By the way, have you guys noticed that your skin is drier in London due to the water? If this is my imagination then do let me know.


OurVivids Foreo-UK-683x1024 Foreo, It's cold outside! Menstyle    On top of everything, winter makes it even drier and it takes away it’s healthy looking glow that is great on anyone. Obviously this leads to me trying to get it hydrated and moisturised, however I realised that I don’t want to deal with just an easy and quick fix as in “apply moisturiser”. I’ve done that before and it was great for the day, but it didn’t make a difference on the long term. It is not hard to figure out that moisturizing your skin is essential, but it’s also important to find out how do you maintain that look.
Now that Christmas is close, from today 19th of December until 19th of January 2019 I will be drinking every day a particular detox tea which I will keep you informed about in January, which will also boost the hydration levels, but I will also use more hydrating products such as those moisturizing creams and of course Foreo Luna 2 for Men.

Yes, everyone has heard about Foreo and after I did the poll on instagram related to it, I realised how popular it is and how many people have already used it. Foreo, either for ladies or for gents, does the same trick but just has different designs. It is meant to exfoliate your skin and is has been tested on so many subjects which showed a considerable improvement in terms of skin quality.

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When it comes to Foreo, I am very aware that the premium or even luxury status lf this product might be intimidating for some consumers, however a higher price point for this product shows and proves how amazing the skin of the Foreo consumers has become and also proves the long lasting effect.
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I can’t emphasize more how much I love the design of Foreo Luna Men also because it is very compact and stylish. I like that Foreo Luna 2 Men is also connected to a USB port which makes it even more convenient for the user of this product. It’s not only easy to store and travel with (PS I am writing this on a plane and I have Foreo in my backpack) but its also a very stylish item to have in your bathroom.
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I do advise to use Foreo with an appropriate cleanser that you like to use for your skin which will work with the device accordingly. Foreo can’t be used on it’s own so you have to make sure you use it with a cleanser.
How I personally use it apply the cleanser and then use the Foreo for at least 10 minutes in order for it to do what it is meant to do, as in exfoliate your skin and let go of the dead cells, leaving a new clean surface which will have to be hydrated after!
Cleaning your skin is only half of the work, because if you just wash it and clean it without the secondary hydrating part, the whole process wouldn’t do much for you, so you end up with even a drier skin than before and think it was a waste of time. This proves that if you don’t use any hydration before using the Foreo cleanser, you will not be able to see any difference, because those two parts of the skin care routine work hand in hand.
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OurVivids Foreo-1-1024x308 Foreo, It's cold outside! Menstyle

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