Charriol – Pont D’amour and Winter Gifts

//Charriol – Pont D’amour and Winter Gifts

Charriol – Pont D’amour and Winter Gifts

Love bridge – Pont D’Amour

When Christmas comes we all come back to our homes, and even if we physically aren’t there we definitely go back to the memories that we have with our dear ones at home. I can’t emphasize more how tradition can be a good element in our lives and how continuity provides psychological safety to us. That’s why Christmas comes every year and seeing every year the loved faces we are used to brings a lot of comfort.
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At the end of the day Christmas is to me what it is to everyone and that is feeling loved. The forms that love can have is not a topic to talk about, but our main design we are focusing on is Love, the bridge of Love, Parisian Love and Christmas Love with Charriol.
And even if I don’t have a Christmas story to tell you, but I do know that everyone deserves a bit of love at Christmas.

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Recently, I was very happy to discover the beauty of Charriol, a French brand which based it’s designs on luxury manufacture and stunning designs.
When I found out about the Pont D’Amour collection inspired by the locks on the Love Bridge in Paris, I felt that this is perfect for Christmas and a beautiful gift for the loved ones as it comes in different beautiful colors. The Love Bridge is an iconic symbol of love in the city of Love, so what else can symbolise this feeling more than the Charriol design?

Charriol is a global prestige brand of luxury timepieces, fine jewellery and accessories including fragrance, sunglasses and leather goods based in Geneva, Switzerland. Charriol designs and crafts a broad range of products, designed to nurture the whole brand and facilitate access to the Maison by a wide customer base. Charriol is and remains a family-run business. Bringing fresh ideas and artistic inspirations to the executive team, comprising founder Philippe’s daughter and son, are determined to lead the luxury brand to greater success.



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Philippe Charriol left his position as executive director of a prestigious watch and jewellery company to found his own company in 1983. Ambitious, self-confident, provocative by nature and a connoisseur of fine arts and motor racing, this Marseille-born entrepreneur was well acquainted with the luxury world and consumer expectations.




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He was also aware of the remarkable knowledge of prestige brands among younger generations, particularly in Asia, and of their immense respect for fine objects crafted with traditional skills.  Armed with this information, Philippe was able to anticipate the extraordinary upsurge witnessed in these markets by all players in the luxury sector, a segment in which Charriol was now firmly established.

Inspired by his deep interest in history, architecture and the arts, Philippe created the Philippe Charriol Foundation in Asia, a registered charitable organisation dedicated to promoting contemporary art by providing young Asian artists a platform for their work.

Coming back to this particular bracelet, what i really liked is how versatile is with several outfits. I have to mention that it worked well with a variety of looks which I definitely think made the jewellery piece stand out.
Black, simple, beautiful and with a beautiful story behind it, the Pont D’Amour Black Charriol Bracelet can be purchased here.
Let me know how you styled it!


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