Let It Snow!

//Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!

Let it snow!

When you come from a small town to a big city, you sometimes get overwhelmed with all the dynamics and how life just passes without you even realising it does. Sometimes those dynamics can be great and can make time go faster when you want it to go quick, but sometimes you feel like you need a getaway somewhere deserted and natural, where you can be by yourself without anybody telling you off or without having to share too much space with any stranger and become one with the nature.

I’m not going to say I got tired with the city of London, but I do admit I need a break from it at times, because it can get too stressful and even lonely and I think everybody feels lonely in a huge place such as London.

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As I was mentioning in a previous post, I have never been one to go out in the snow and enjoy it. This year is different, this year is about being present and happy for everything that comes my way and I definitely want to make the best out of it.I am also aware that time will go quickly and this winter is going to go in less than three months so why not just enjoy what’s going on?



I’m very happy I was able to go on this trip and just spend the time with the loved ones. It’s nothing really special, but it’s very special to each and every one of us when we are together with the ones we love. At the end of the day, it’s Christmas and it’s all about the loved ones.



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For this trip I chose to wear Esprit amongst other outfits. Why Esprit? Because it is a brand I have been admiring for many years, since I was probably 14 and was always fascinated by their logo. I was always a fan of this brand and later I had a better understanding of it’s legacy and quality.

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I have to say that I am very big on oversized woollen jumpers and this season it’s all about them, so definitely check Esprit out for a piece like this.

Nevertheless, I was really happy to discover their winter boots for men which are on their website over here and can be very technical for going out in nature, however they are not professional boots for hiking.

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