All About The New Year

//All About The New Year

All About The New Year

New Years Eve Resolutions

I know that Christmas is over but I’m still in need of that warmth and comfort of a safe and cosy environment. This moment pretty much feels like the calm before the big storm or, if not storm, let’s call it a beautiful celebration which New Year’s Eve will bring. I’m definitely looking forward to the end of this year and very excited for a new beginning and new moments to share with you guys and also to explore myself, my craft and life in general.

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My goal for this year is not to grow a bigger community as much as I hope you will get to know me better and understand my vision and passions even more. I am always looking forward to your suggestions, so if you read this, just know that I always read all of your messages and suggestions, which I’m always thankful for.

On this occasion I have my #NewYearsResolution list ready and it’ all about being the best version of yourself and staying focused on your dreams. This new year should be for everybody in their field of work or studies about striving for being better. On an emotional level I think we should also just focus on the good people around us and when we stumble across negative moments to try to let them behind and just not think about it.

Achieving your dreams can be hard for everyone and there is no shortcut to becoming what you aspire or getting to the finish line. You might have negative feedback from some, but there will always be people who will understand your vision, and once you break into the world where you are surrounded by the ones who will understand your language, you will be like a fish in the water. Don’t you worry, your time will come in #2019 . #YourTimeWillComeThisYear

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